About SAIPhotography

Sai (Saira Awan) is a freelance photographer based in London.  Her passion for the visual arts is what pulled her into the photography world and is what has kept her there.

She has had numerous commissioned pieces of work published ranging from food to fashion to celebrity press shots.

Her two main areas of interest are unit photography (production and marketing stills) for film/music and portraiture work (including headshots for actors, models and performers) whether this be in the studio or on location.

As well as doing commissioned photography work for corporate companies and individuals, she also deals with image manipulation and restoration (please contact Sai at info@saiphotography.com for further information on this).

Sai has exhibited her work in numerous venues across Europe including: BAFTA head office in London (UK), No Label festival in Utrecht (Netherlands) and Roots and Routes in Lille (France).

As well as working in the UK, Sai is involved with a youth project which covers 10 European countries.  The project allows talented youth from all the countries involved to take part in workshops and performances in different Cities.  Sai has progressed from being one of the selected ‘talents’ to represent the Uk to becoming a trainer in the field.

Contact SAIPhotography

Please feel free to contact Sai to discuss your photographic needs or with any queries.

Telephone: +44 (0) 7763 901717

Email: info@saiphotography.com

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SAIPhotography Services

  • Photography-location and studio
  • Post production-editing, manipulating, retouching and  restoration (See ‘other’ gallery)
  • Art direction
  • Styling
  • Propping

Sai’s extended network includes:

  • Photographers assistants
  • Videographers
  • Make up artists/Hair stylist
  • Models
  • Web designers/Graphic designers
  • Event planners
  • PR

If you are interested in contacting any of these then please contact Sai with as much information as possible.

SAIPhotography Prices

All shoots quoted on a bespoke basis to take into account length of shoot, number of images required and use of images.  Please contact Sai with as much information of what is required as possible so a precise quote can be given.

If you would like to purchase any of the images displayed on this site, please email Sai at info@saiphotography.com for a quote. Please include name of gallery it is in, description, purpose of use (eg for website, canvas print etc) and your full contact details.

SAIPhotography Clients

The client list for Sai Photography consists of a vast number of organisations as well as individuals. Some of these are listed below:


  • ABI associates
  • Alexander o’neil
  • Ava B
  • BBC
  • Bianca Simmone
  • Club Asia radio
  • Channel AKA
  • Danny Dove (DJ)
  • Deli Bricks
  • Devonshire productions
  • DJ Luck and MC Neat
  • D101 magazine
  • Eddie Kadi
  • Enchanted Beauty
  • Eye moon productions
  • Face4music
  • Flavour magazine
  • Flyn films productions
  • Focus films
  • Fuse
  • Godson pictures
  • GVZ magazine
  • Hey Buddy productions
  • JC Bentley
  • JMC
  • Kix magazine
  • Kix management
  • Marcus Nasty
  • Mc Kaos
  • Media Moguls
  • Mr Midas
  • Princess Nyah
  • Rana Sahota
  • Response photographic
  • Royal Opera House
  • Roots and Routes
  • Rwd
  • Sam Khan of Bsomebody
  • Steve smart
  • Stonesoul
  • UrbanWorld


  • Restless beings
  • Spinal Research


  • American Muffin company
  • Barking and Dagenham council
  • Brent council
  • ChaatHouse
  • Choi time
  • Chris Gollon
  • Diet freedom
  • Elliot comprehensive school
  • Gourmet restaurant group
  • Nsaanefateri cards
  • Savortex
  • Tiffinbites

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